kb8afs radio balloon


Wellcome to the first kb8afs radio balloon blog.

This blog will tell about my efforts to launch a balloon, with a ham radio transmitter attached to it.

Expected launch window is late April.

Launch area, TBA

The transmitter will be a Radio shack HTX-202, and running off a 1/4 wave mobile antenna.

Power will be 5W (approx).

The transmit frequency will be 145.565 FM

The ID will be on a loop via an MP3 player.

The plan is to have the unit encased in a toolbox, that is filled with foam sealant and have a parachute attached to it.

This is the overall picher of the prodject.

I shall update the blog when I have something to tell, or just to keep this blog active.

Take care, and 73’s

Timothy kb8afs


About kb8afs

Ham radio
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